WP FlexiWidget Plugin On sale!

WP FlexiWidget Plugin

With WP-FlexiWidget, you can easily create as many widgets as you’d like and using a menu on your post / page editor, easily insert any of the widgets into the main content of your post – AT FULL WIDTH.

This means that you can create widgets for images, text blurbs, certain scripts, and even commonly used features on your Wordpress website. And they will display on the main section of your post, rather than in the sidebar like they usually do.

Product Description

How Would You Like To Boost Your Income With This WordPress Plugin Business In A Box?

So You Can Easily Create Widgets For…

  • Commonly used features within your pages or posts
  • Hard to remember scripts for calling up different plugins or other options
  • Images for advertisements (affiliate offers, PPL offers, or anything else)
  • Attention grabbing headlines or call-to-action buttons
  • Different script based advertisements for affiliate networks, etc.
  • Customized author and editor blurbs that you can use over and over again
  • Interactive features to increase the overall click through rates of your pages
  • And much much more… The possibilities are endless with this plugin.

Package includes:

  •  WP Plugin
  •  User Guide

Distribution Rights: Personal Use

Yes – Use on UNLIMITED websites and domains you personally own.

There is no limit to the number of websites you can use this product on. You can also install it on websites that you plan to flip.

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